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Life is short
And we are passing by
The moments are fleeting away
So let us seize the day
Or the night as it would be
And escape for a moment
The disharmony and fly free
Briefly touching eternity

Freedom is a state of mind
And sometime we travel blind
Putting our faith in the divine
Trusting that one day we'll find
Eternal peace and joy divine

So lift your hearts in merriment
And laugh and smile
If just for a little while
For soon we'll be forgotten
In this world of form
As if we were never born
Once we travel to the land beyond
On our final mile
So for today, let us laugh and smile

 September 1,2019 Spanky Mongo (J.G.O.)
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I have always loved the written word. I have always loved books. I have lots of books. I have always loved pictures. A picture captures the fleeting moment. Pictures and words give pause for thought. Pictures and words together are the essence of this website. Videos are a flowing stream of images and sounds; they do not capture the fleeting moment as does a picture…Still waters run deep.  

Most of our travels are not in the physical world but on the winding backroads of our minds.
On my website, at the top of the poetry section, it says, “The articulation of words is the rhythm of the universe.” Poetry, whether it is “Free Style” or rhymes, should have a rhythm to it, a natural “Flow”; if not, it is out of sync. Language in general should have a flow to it. That’s why people speak of being fluent in “several” languages. In my case, I do well to speak Americanize (American English). Lyrics to a song should have a rhythm, as should music…they should flow together.  
  Nature has a rhythm, a natural flow, as does the seasons. There is a rhythm to the universe as planets, galaxies and such flow around each other. And so does our bodily universe of cells, atoms and subatomic particles, and if we want to be happy and at peace with the universe, then we have to get "In the flow” of things. We humans seem to be the ones who can’t stay in flow and throw the rhythm of everything out of sync. And no matter how hard we try, there always seems to be someone or something that interrupts our flow and gets us out of sync but it normally doesn’t have to last forever and we can get back in the groove. The key is to maintain a center of peace, regardless of what’s going on around us or in the world. I can’t control what is happening in the world but I can control how I respond to it. 
 Have you noticed that when you are doing something you enjoy, things just seem to flow together. Whether you’re writing a book, poem, song or playing a musical instrument or painting an oil painting or even painting a house for that matter. When you catch that groove things begin to flow and you’re in tune with the universe, with the rhythm of life and you are happy and at peace. 
  We are all surfers on the sea of life, looking to catch that perfect wave. Whatever you enjoy doing that brings you peace and happiness, do it, because life is short and being in the flow of things is so important to our health and wellbeing. And being tuned in spiritually is certainly going to help. So catch that Heavenly Wave and ride it to the end…Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. And as you daily walk in the Light of The Lord may his blessing continually flow upon you…S.M. 
And in the reflections of mine eyes, I saw the glorious coming of the New Republic of America, like a beautiful white stallion charging forth from the mist of time and space: The Revelation of the Future Past! S.M.