Much has been said about the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police, so I will make no further comment on that. However, the subsequent events following that incident have been far worse in scope and meaning. The George Floyd incident has become a trigger for unprecedented mayhem and rioting all across the nation. To think that these were spontaneous reactions is naive in the extreme. Instead of peaceful protests calling for an investigation into heavy handed police tactics, the result has been full bore anarchy and chaos across most every state in the nation. How did police protests morph into rioting, looting, burning of businesses, and eventually calls to defund the police? How did this also develop into an attack upon our very history- with violent mobs toppling long revered statues and desecration of monuments? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with protests, but everything to do with an anti-American agenda that has been simmering just below the surface, waiting for an excuse to be put into play. It has gone from police protests to attacks on the very foundation of our nation and has been, for the most part, unimpeded. Unimpeded, I will add, in democrat run states that refuse to uphold the law and prosecute these criminals. Democrat mayors and governors are turning a blind eye to the mayhem being committed in their jurisdictions, putting thousands of innocent citizens lives at risk, as well as the businesses that many of them have worked their whole lives building. The tragedies that have followed in the wake of George Floyd are many, and a return to law and order is imperative if we are to survive as the nation we have always been. The only feasible way to do that is to strongly advocate against any attempts to defund our police, and to vote out any and all democrats who refuse to support the rule of law we hold dear in our Republic and replace them with Constitutional Republican candidates. I hope and pray that sanity will swiftly return, rioters be arrested, mayors and governors of rogue states held accountable, and that Republicans will regain the House, retain the Senate, and of course, keep Donald Trump as president.