Years ago I saw the late great Joseph Campbell doing an interview on television. He was a gifted writer and professor, whose expertize was in comparative mythology and religion. He died in 1987. Seems like yesterday; time, does fly by.  
   I remember a story Joseph Campbell told and it has stuck with me all these many years and I would like to share it with you. I’m pulling it form memory so it won’t be exact but the essence is what’s important: 
   There was a man who lived in a rural area and his prized possession was a white stallion. One morning he awoke to find the stallion gone and he was devastated, “What will I do now?” Several days later the stallion returned with a nice fold of wild mares. “Oh how fortunate am I, now I have my stallion and all these mares.” His oldest son set about breaking in the horses and one of them threw him and he broke his arm. “Oh no, this is terrible”, says the man, “Now look what has happened.” There was a war going on and the military was rounding up conscripts but the man’s oldest son couldn’t go because of the broken arm. “What good news”, the man said, “My son won’t have to fight in that evil war.”  
  We live in a world of duality. Yin-Yang represents the balance of that duality. When we are tuned into Source and seeking to walk in The Light of The Lord, all things work to the good. God takes the many colors of our life and weaves them into a beautiful tapestry. May we walk by faith, not by sight and may the force be with us. I understand that Joseph Campbell’s work was a big influence on George Lucas when he was putting Star Wars together. The dark side of the force may always be around but we don’t have to let it rule over us. We are responsible for which side of the road we walk on; May we stay on the sunny side of the street and let the Holy Spirit be our guide. Faith is trusting God no matter what…Keep the Faith. May the Creator’s Blessings be upon you. S. M.