The eye of the mirror 
The mirror of the eye 
Two breaths as one 
Beneath the Central Sun 
Two angels passing by 
In the ever changing sky 
And we wonder why 
The jagged edge of reality 
Is but an illusion 
Reflections in the water 
Ever moving, never the same 
Fragmented by the rain 
Like images on a broken pane 
Through glass darkly stained 
We stare, blinded by the glare 
That nothing is there 
But what we see 
And we cannot break free 
From the chains that bind 
Our minds 
And our souls long 
For the sweet silence of eternity 
The serenity of infinity 
Drifting aimlessly 
Appearing randomly 
One among many 
Many among one 
In the glorious light 
Of the Central Sun 
Copyright October 20, 1998 JGO/Spanky Mongo