Rushing water down a mountainside 
We run, we play, we hide. 
The air is fresh and clean; 
It feels good to breathe. 
We run so hard, 
Like rushing water 
Down a mountainside. 
We play so hard, 
Like the heat of the day. 
We hide so well 
We can't find ourselves. 
The horse drinks from the river; 
He is a beautiful Pinto. 
He is thirsty; 
The water drips from his mouth. 
He drinks again and again. 
He pauses to listen. 
There is no sound 
But the splashing of the water on the bank. 
He knows they are coming, 
There is no time! 
When he was little 
He played hard. 
Now that he is grown 
He must run hard; 
He must hide so well 
That he can't find himself. 
Oh mighty river that flows 
From the heart of Mother Earth, 
Nourished from the clouds above; 
Who roars with mighty power, 
Who has the strength to destroy, 
Whose gentle touch sets me adrift 
In moonlit dreams; 
Who nourishes and refreshes my body, 
Who cleanses my soul 
And washes away my sins: 
Let me once again run with you 
Down the mountainside 
And through the valley below; 
Let me run with the wind, the speed, 
And the glory of the wild Pinto. 
Once again, let your rippling fingers 
Caress me as I play 
In the heat of the day; 
Let us play together 
With the fire and zeal of our youth; 
When we did not tire  
In the heat of the day  
And we wished 
That the day would last forever. 
We have reached the bottom of the mountain,  
Oh great one, my brother, my companion. 
It has been a good journey old friend. 
We have danced on the daylight, 
Sparkled in the sun; 
And chased moonbeams amidst the stardust. 
We ran hard, 
We played hard, 
And now the pinto has gone  
Into the canyon alone. 
It has felt good to breathe. 
Now the journey has come to an end. 
I hear them coming 
There is no time! 
One last sweet drink old friend, 
Then hide me in the depths 
Of your clear, cool, crystal being. 
Hide me so well 
That I won't be able to find myself. 
Copyright May 23, 2002 JGO/Spanky Mongo