The riveting, roaring, rambling, river, 
It's thunder echoing through the chambers 
Of organic mass; 
The high priest on a cliff, 
Singing Sacred songs; 
His voice sailing, 
Soaring through the solitude; 
Tearing Asunder and piercing the soul, 
To the depths of the soiled silver lining. 
And the eagle flies 
High above the canyon, 
His cries rise 
Into the skies; 
Proud and loud 
Into the gathering clouds; 
His sacred song of freedom rings 
Unto the Heavenly courts 
And the rains begin to fall. 
A tear tumbles down 
From the eye, 
Of the eagle and the priest; 
Power is released 
Universal power 
Spiritual power 
Heavenly power 
A powerful deluge descends upon the Earth, 
Struggling for rebirth. 
Jagged lightening rips the night; 
The high priest makes his flight, 
Silhouetted in the light, 
Flashing oh so bright; 
In luminous breath 
He is out of sight. 
And the eagle perches on a cliff 
Staring into Heaven. 
Copyright October 11, 1998 JGO/Spanky Mongo