Spanky Mongo
CELESTIAL SPECK OF DUST: For what is that in the distance but a twinkling bit of light; a little piece of Heaven to brighten up the night and should it be that I should die before the sun should rise; May the light within my soul illuminate the skies....What greater fulfillment could there be when in the dark of night; some wandering soul looks up from below; and finds you as their guiding light. So let the elites have their thrones and dwell in temporal bliss; I'll gladly embrace the darkness, a sparkling speck of dust, floating free, in the breath of an angel's celestial kiss. SM (10/24/2019)  
Sometimes in the midnight hour, when I'm all alone; I hear your voice call out my name. And though it's been a thousand years since we've been apart; I'll always recognize that sweet refrain. It is music to my soul and the sweet sound of you voice will never grow old. SM (11/2/2019) 
I touched your lips so soft and smooth and round; And I felt the earth tremble as I fell to the ground. I reached out to touch you but you were nowhere to be found. I wept with tears of agony that soaked the fertile ground. SM (11/3/2019) 
Babe, when I wake up in the morning next to you and feel your body close to mine, and see you smile and smell the scent of skin; I know it's going to be one hell-of-a-long hard-day! SM (11/3/2019) 
It was a Saturday morning in the summer of 69' and we were rocking to the rhythm of the universe, Santana was jamming with "Black Magic Woman" & you worked your magic all over me; Funny how a fleeting moment gets stuck in the fabric of time; lingering in the canyons of your mind. Thanks! SM (11/4/2019) 
If you were paralyzed, I would roll you over and lovingly wipe your ass and bathe you from head to toe; would you do that for me? Love is often a fairy tale, fairy tales aren't real. True Love is down and dirty; if you can't love me down and dirty, then don't love me at all. (SM) SM (11/4/2019) 
You are the beautiful fragile little flower that grows in the cracked sidewalk of my heart. SM (11/4/2019) 
I'm just a rusty old pickup trying to make it down a dusty dirt road, and you're a new shiny Ferrari, burning up the highway to adventures untold. You passed me by so fast you covered me with dust; but for a very brief moment, I glimpsed enough to remember the taste of lust. SM (11/4/2019) 
It was the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, concert at the college; you were so damned pissed; and I didn't even know the name of that girl I kissed...Hell; I don't even remember the concert. SM (11/5/2019) 
Bands start out playing in old smoky barrooms to a handful of people with nothing else to do. And you love ‘em because they're so drunk they clap when you suck. I have no idea how much I got left in me but I'm cleaning my closet out. I love you guys; you're my little smoky barroom. SM (11/5/2019)  
Somehow, some way, we got separated along the line; but I believe we're still together, lost somewhere in time. And I believe in miracles, and in some magic moment we'll find, that we can reach out and touch each other, in the shadows of our minds. SM (11/5/2019) 
When I'm 113, sitting in my wheelchair and you're 72, sitting in my lap whispering sweet nothings in my ear; don’t be surprised, if you get a rise, because you'll always be, the epitome, of sexuality to me. Wild thing, you make my heart sing. I think I love you girl! SM (11/5/213) 
You're so young, sweet, sexy, wild and free and I'm just a burnt out old rocker from the 60's; But you said it didn't matter and you offered me a ride; And I think that I might take it, knowing that if I do, it'll probably be the last one before I die. SM (11/5/2019) 
Sweet water and tall grass, a soft gentle summer's rain; those were the days and life was good, before the soldiers with the long blades came. And the sweet water went bitter and the tall grass was dead; and the gentle summer rain turned a bloody red. SM (11/5/2019) 
We rode hard across the plains; dust in our face; then came the rains. Thunder rolled over the mountains high, lightning flashed across the sky; then I saw you fall to the ground, hit by a soldier's bullet; and I never heard another sound. The silence is deafening. SM (11/5/2019) 
Oh sweet mama, you look so fine; do that little dance that blows my mind; Tickle my soul down to my toes, take off your clothes and wiggle that rose; tattooed so fine, on your sweet behind! SM (11/5/2019) 
63' Chevy Nova rag top, candy apple red, cruising the Carolina Coast, parked beneath the stars, the rhythm of the surf, the sounds of rock & roll; and you ridin' me like a wild bronco...Sweet Jesus...That ain't nothing but solid gold. SM (11/5/2019) 
You're going to be my last tattoo, baby I'm so fed up with you; you've done all the damage you can do, you're going to be my last tattoo. You stole my silver you stole my gold, you busted my heart & broke my soul, baby I'm so fed up with you, you're going to be my last tattoo. SM (11/6/2019) 
Old Smokey barrooms, ladies of the night, I've squandered my last dollar, fought my last fight; I got sand in my pockets and holes in my shoes and I'm stranded down in New Orleans with the foggy bottom blues. SM (11/6/2019) 
It took a while for you to get me there, I'm not young as I used to be; but I finally did arrive, you made me feel so alive, you're so young and sexy and free: Thank you little darling, for what you did to me. SM (11/7/2019) 
I remember that baby blue 57' T-bird, cruising down the boulevard, your blonde hair blowing in the wind and I'd catch a whiff of your perfume, every now and then; and I'd get that funky feeling all over and I couldn't wait for that road trip to end and the real adventure to begin. SM (11/8/2019) 
I'll never forget the steamy hot summer southern night your naked blonde sexy self sashayed into the bedroom, with a stainless steel gold plated .45 strapped to your hip. I knew I was a goner babe and you totally blew me away. You were smokin' hot; Thanks second amendment SM (11/8/2019) 
Well girl, I guess you're out running the road; thanks for letting me park my truck and unload. Guess I'll be heading on down the line, but that garage of yours, lord almighty woman, sure was fine; it’ll always be in my mind and I'd love to park my truck there one more time. SM (11/9/2019) 
I was lone wolfin' it on my hog; back roads, Smoky Mountain high; bald eagle, smashed like road kill. My heart sank, pounding like an Indian war drum. I swore from the bottom of my soul that I will fight for freedom's light and the eagle’s right to fly until the day I die. SM (11/10/2019) 
Jesus is my big bro, my solid rock, the rock of ages, a soul man, rock and roll for my soul; he's pure gold, hangin' with me on the back roads: Jesus is a celestial Hippie spreading his free love all around. SM (11/10/2019) 
The closest you're going to get to Heaven in this world is rolling in your sweet baby's arms in the midnight hour. And when the floodgate opens and all that power surges over you; it's 1/10th of what you'll feel when you walk through the pearly gates. Sweet Jesus! Take me home. (11/10/2019) 
God knows, I love the way you sweet ladies smell, and don't take no offense; but when the walk is over and I sit in my chair and my old hound dog Samantha starts loving all over me and I breath in her sweet doggie smell, stirs my soul; makes me feel like I got a little whiff of Heaven. (11/10/2019) 
1969, cabin in the pines, "Blonde on Blonde" playing in the background, you took me up, you took me down, spinning all around and around the world; you moved me girl. Uh huh; I remember. SM (11/10/2019) 
Sometimes I stop by the bakery, look through the window at that fresh baked steaming hot cherry pie and think, Lord, I sure would like a slice of that. I know what it does to my blood; sugar. I smile, shake my head; start walking to the house for a good home cooked meal. SM (11/11/2019) 
Took my best girl Samantha to the vet recently for her annual; had to stop and let a dozen wild turkeys cross the road. Thought about you L.A., backed up on the freeway with that bunch of turkeys you hang with. I'll take my turkeys over yours any day; too bad you let me slip away. (11/16/2019) 
Freedom means "The Kingdom of the Free. Kingdoms have to be defended every damn day, or the darkness will come steal them away. Those who keep us free aren't members of the "Mickey Mouse" club or "snowflakes. They are the knights who fight to keep the light. Time to hold the line. (11/17/2019) 


Hey Arizona, You're one hot rockin' sleek mean sex machine; but I gotta stick with my California dream. She's my sunshine and she lays easy on my mind and she soothes my soul like that good old rock and roll. And besides, with her I don't have to worry about getting moon burned. SM (11/6/2019) 
Hey Arizona: You lean mean sex machine, I almost took you up on that ride. Then I saw myself losing control down the road, heading over a cliff in slomo electro-glide. The way you walk can make a blind man see and if I let you inside and take that ride, it'll be the end of me. SM (11/6/2019) 
Hey California: You know you're always on my mind; even when I'm in Arizona and she's making me feel so fine. You know I love you baby; we're on solid ground. And I'll soon be coming out of Arizona and I'll be California bound. SM (11/6/2019) 
Arizona: you sexy thing! Look at that smile, you could charm the stripes off a Zebra and make a holy man run wild. Baby, I'd crawl naked across flaming cut glass just to kiss your sweet feet, but you ain't getting in daddy's checkbook; I say no, no, no. SM (11/6/2019) 
Hey Arizona: You know California's my main squeeze, but I don't wanna lose you baby, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please, don't leave; you're a sunny day, you move me in every way, with the things you say and the earth trembles when you look my way; You know what I say. SM (11/8/2019) 
Arizona: you so refined like a fine wine caressing my mind, tripping time traveling blind past warning signs, hell bent on destruction on the avenue of delight, blinded by love's light strobing in the night and you take me down in a slow free-fall from which there is no recall. SM (11/9/2019)  
California just called: I couldn't get to the phone. "VM", "Gone to church, call you when I get home." Just called Arizona, still out running the road and I'm slam jammed all the way down stuck in "Alabam". California Angel, I love you so, sing me home sweet baby and save my soul. SM (11/10/2019) 
Arizona: Don't lock me out girl, Don't know what tomorrow will bring, I'm holding to a sure thing, you still make my heart sing, my ears ring, you're everything I thought I would never have. My sunset's just ahead around the bend. Keep the door open baby, I still might come in. SM (11/11/2019) 
Okay, I'm getting it now; I see what they're talking about. I'm trying to work out a quid pro quo with me and California and Arizona but the girls just ain't buying it. Damn they hard negotiators. They ought to be up there in congress. They'd make the Dim-o-rats walk the line. SM (11/19/2019)

Wild eyed young fillies take you for a ride, bolt and you land on your ass, a busted up old cowboy dying in the dust and they're out chasing some young stud. Takes time to tame a wild eyed young filly and a burnt out old cowboy just ain't got that kind of time. Thanks for the ride babe. (11/17/2019) 

I'm an old guitar, weather worn and weary. I see you trembling at the crossroads with Robert Johnson. You long to play this old guitar and my strings are wound tight waiting for you silky fingers to stroke them. Nothing is free, there's always a price; is it worth it to make magic music? (11/21/2019) 
Early morning light, cracks the night, curtains teased with a gentle breeze, salty air, perfume lingers in your hair. I don't know your name but you got me through another night of nightmares, agony and pain in the fog of war that torments my brain; sleeping angel, precious thing. (11/29/2019) 
I follow you down the red road through the tall grass to the sweet water flowing, hoping to taste your mysteries as they unfold. In your hands I place my soul, treat it gently like precious gold, for it is old, tattered and torn, waiting for your magic touch that it might be reborn. (11/29/2019) 
Karen: 1965, 17 and 15: You offered me some gum; slid it into my mouth with your tongue. I went south, you took me north, you were the flag on my pole, hard as a rock, you rolled my soul, a hot pepper sprout, you knocked me out like a lightening burst you were my first! Thanks babe. (12/4/2019) 
Renee: 1979 you blew my mind, campground and the golf course behind, you rolled me up tight, felt so right naked in the night, full moon light it was out of sight, I scored a hole in one, so much fun, you broke my driver, bent my wedge took me to the edge and I dropped right in. (12/5/2019) 
Danang, a long time ago; you were so gentle sweet & kind. So far from home, you made sure I was never alone. You didn't ask for much just my gentle touch which I was glad to give, happy to have a reason to live. Blown away by a mine, my sweet angel; you'll always be in my mind. SM (12/6/2019) 
You're far away in Ghana, helping those in need. We took a vow, we made a bond & each day messages we’d leave. We've never met, just words on a page; I see your picture, so young & beautiful & I am twice your age. I wonder what I'd do, if no more messages came from you. SM (12/6/2019) 
My old weathered weary work worn cracked calloused hands reach out and touch your young soft smooth silky sexy satin skin, and as you look down at me, I wonder why you ever let me in. Volcanic passions erupt; your sensual smile tells me you are pleased; I am free to love you once again. SM (12/4/2019) 
We rode down the mescaline highway in 1965; Met an Indian named Baba Joe, taught us how to survive. Crossed over the shadow lands, just beyond The Great Divide; you were the tarnished angel that torched my soul, a blessing in disguise, and together like the phoenix we did rise.
 SM (12/12/2019) 
You promise me love; do you truly know love my sweet Mary? You are so innocent. Love is not a frivolous adventure into sensuality. If you want to truly love, you must delve deep into your lover and lose yourself in him and die the death to self. You know not of such painful pleasures. SM (12/13/2019)

I mean babe, have you got the balls? Have you got the guts? Have you got the nerve? Have you got the courage; but most of all have you got the stamina? Are you brave enough and strong enough for a wild ride with the Mongo Man? Are you willing and able Babe?  SM (12/17/2019)
Be good and goodness will follow you, a beautiful woman once said to me, so I ventured down her rabbit hole to see what I could see. And oh I was intrigued by all the mystery, until the truth was revealed and at last I was set free, from hotel California and the princess of "Into Me." SM (12/18/2019) 
My sweet Indian princess, your sensual beauty overwhelmed me. I hungered for your hidden fruit for I had dreamed of you as a little boy. And you led me down the pathway of desire with promises of true love. But betrayal and deception were in your heart and I was just your toy. SM (12/18/2019) 
Sometimes you follow your heart and it leads you to Heaven; sometimes you follow your heart and it leads you to hell. The heart is a machine pumped full of emotions: joy, sadness, pleasure and pain; and only in the end will they merge into an amazing mosaic that prevails and remains. SM (12/18/2019) 
Casey, you know I love you baby and you're flying high into the sky to the land down under; And I'm waiting here for you and when you get back there's going to be lightning and thunder for a storm of passion is brewing to rock your world with voodoo power in the midnight hour. SM (12/18/2019) 
Hot damn babe, Neil young and Crazy Horse slam jammin' like a bunch of skank dogs down in the Louisiana delta hopped up on Peyote. You were hotter than hell in those cutoff jeans bustin' out at the seams, you still haunt my dreams, you sexy Mississippi Queen. Still smokin' hot! SM (12/18/2019) 
Rebecca: I was 44, you 24 a Dead Head, Jesus Freak, sport fucking fool who took me to school, broke all the rules, crazy & cool until you got jacked up and it wasn't mine but you wanted my name, too insane, couldn't play that game, Cracked Rear View debuted, I left you in the rain. SM (12/19/2019) 
My oh my how time passes by, I still get moved by the twinkle in a young girls eye. Don't last as long as I used to but I get the job done, none of em' linger, they just lookin' for fun. Don't know how long I can stay on this road, but I'm not going quietly til I deliver my load. SM (2/23/2020) 

My life is that of the hopeless romantic; a wandering hobo of love hopping a soul train on the highway to ecstasy, ever searching for those fleeting magic moments, like fireflies in the forest of life! SM (3/24/2020)