Thunder rolls across the plains 
I feel the cool breeze against my skin 
A star twinkles in the twilight 
It hides behind the angry clouds 
Lightning splits the skies above the distant hills 
A hawk screeches in the air above me 
Drops of rain splatter upon my flesh 
I feel the spirits in the wind 
The rain falls hard against the parched ground 
Mother Earth rejoices…she is refreshed 
The wind is strong and powerful now 
I feel its force against my body 
I am strong like a tree; I will stand tall 
My spirit is strong like the oak 
I will survive the fury of the storm 
And there are spirits in the wind 
I hear the voices of the ancestors  
They stood strong and tall like trees  
And the trees fell in the midst of the storm 
They cut them up and used them for firewood 
The campfires crackled in the silence after the storm 
The sparks rose up to Heaven like fireflies 
And the ancestors ascended into the heavens 
Like spirits in the wind 
The storm has past and all is quiet 
Except the wolf howling at the moon 
The campfire is warm against my flesh 
I watch the sparks ascend into the night 
I feel the presence of the ancestors 
I know I am never alone in the storm 
The ancestors are forever with me 
They are the spirits in the wind 
Copyright May 29, 2002 JGO/Spanky Mongo