Come star bird, 
Descending from on high, 
Cutting through the blue skies, 
Slicing through the clouds of glory; 
Sailing over the mountain tops, 
Moving with speed, rhythm, and grace. 
You were born in the mist 
Of vapors, legends and myths; 
A dazzling delight to the eye, 
A diamond in the sky, 
Hovering over the valley 
In the shadow of a cloud. 
Lightning flashes pale 
Against the darkened sky; 
The moon shines from your belly. 
And the children rise to meet you, 
Moving slowly like a dream 
In the shaft of light. 
Upward and upward they travel, 
Until they are out of sight; 
Lost in the night. 
And you make your midnight flight, 
Ascending into the heavens  
From whence you came, 
Across the river of eternity 
To the realm of the ancient ones; 
A shooting star, upon which  
Idealistic dreamers make wishes. 
Copyright December 10, 1980 JGO/Spanky Mongo