I touch the light 
I walk softly; 
Mother Earth kisses 
The soles of my feet.  
She is a gentle mother; 
Her soul is sad. 
I touch the light 
The mist is in the morning; 
Mother Earth is mourning, 
She is mourning the death 
Of her children; 
Her eyes are misty. 
I touch the light 
The wind whispers my name; 
The waters call to me. 
I bathe in the spirit of the mother; 
Her presence cleanses me, 
Her heart is good. 
I touch the light 
Thunder rolls across the hills; 
Smoke rises from the valley. 
The spirit of silence falls from the sky; 
In the night I walk the hills alone; 
The mother watches. 
I touch the light 
The night birds sing of love, 
Stars fall from above. 
Mother Earth smiles 
She knows I have found the way. 
She is happy.  
I touch the light 
A shooting star  
It comes from afar.  
I feel the silence 
As it passes by. 
Mother Earth cries. 
I touch the light 
The owl calls my name. 
I am not ashamed 
The moon hides its face. 
Mother Earth and I are one. 
We are the light. 
Copyright May23, 2002 JGO/Spanky Mongo