The black night 
Speckled with golden 
Bell shaped flowers 
Subatomic diamonds 
Splitting the silence of infinity 
Splitting infinity with silence 
Slicing the soul 
Soulful silence 
Sailing into oblivion 
Icons and electrons 
Photons showering down 
Upon enlightenment 
Flickering randomly 
Throughout eternity 
Magical fireflies 
Where will they appear next 
Mystical fireflies 
Man has sought your secrets 
While you come and go in silence 
Silent night 
Stars so bright 
Follow the light 
Until it is out of sight 
Go silently into the fair night 
It is the night of the soul 
The silent watcher stands alone 
When all else is gone 
The silence stands alone 
Touch my silence if you can 
Touch me with your perfect hand 
Your golden hand 
Hand me your silence 
I will gently embrace it 
And carefully place it 
On the threshold of time 
Time ticking away 
Night and day 
Toil and Pray 
And beyond time 
Flows the silence 
Like a river 
In the black of space 
Like an endless silver river 
Silently snaking its way 
Through the ebony of eternity 
The river of life 
We try to swim 
The current is strong 
It is strong and silent 
There is a stirring in the water 
A form arises 
And joins us in our struggle 
We are not alone 
A silent stranger 
Helping us swim 
Silently swimming with us 
In the river of life 
Conceived in silence 
Traveling down the tunnel 
Invisible energy 
Swirling around 
Forming, shaping, molding 
Lively, dancing energy 
The pulse of life 
Throbbing and pulsating 
In rhythmic bliss 
A dark force is near 
Foreboding, waiting 
Waiting in silence  
The dance of death 
The energy hovers overhead 
Traveling down the tunnel 
Traveling at the speed of silence 
Traveling through the darkness 
Traveling to the light 
As soon as the journey begins 
It approaches the end 
There is no difference 
Only the awareness in between 
Between light and dark 
Day and night 
Wrong and right 
And the silent stranger 
Never leaves 
Leaving the illusion behind 
Behind the illusion is reality 
Reality never speaks but feels 
Feels the silence 
Feelings are illusive 
Painful illusion 
Illusions of pain 
The heat of the sun 
The chill of the rain 
Silent rain 
In the distance 
Beyond the window 
The broken window pane 
Through which the light of love flows 
Flowing like a river 
Flowing through the illusion 
Flowing onward and outward 
Into the never-ending cosmos 
The silence of love 
Is the reality of love 
Love is the light  
At the end of the tunnel 
Love is the life 
At the beginning of the tunnel 
Love is a silent stranger 
Swimming in the river of life  
I am all that has been 
And all that has been 
Lives in me 
I am the fragrance of birth 
And the incense of death 
I am a butterfly 
Caught in the Creator's breath 
Out of darkness 
Came the light 
But the darkness 
It came first 
And from beyond the realm of nothingness 
The rhythm of life burst 
Like a gnat straining in the glare of the sun 
And the enlightenment and the anointing are one 
And we each add a verse to the song 
To which we all belong 
The sound of a mighty throng 
For better or worse 
Holy blessing 
Or evil curse 
We are the universe 
Copyright October 26, 1998 JGO/Spanky Mongo