Waves of wind, 
Rippling through a green sea of grass; 
Swirling, curling, 
Changing directions on a whim. 
Swifts and swallows, 
Soaring, sailing, surfing 
On a silent sea of green… 
And I hear the whisper of angel's wings 
I stand spellbound, 
No one is around; 
I hear the distant sound, 
Of the breeze in the trees 
As it moves with ease. 
An invisible visitor, 
Traveling through the twilight, 
On into the night. 
And the winds sing… 
In harmony with the whisper of angel's wings. 
The moon is high, 
In the midnight sky; 
The howling cry 
Of a wolf in the wind; 
Sounds begin to blend… 
And I hear the same refrain, 
Over and over again, 
As the owl calls my name… 
Amidst the whisper of angel's wings. 
The dawning light of day, 
Drives the night away; 
As saints and sinners pray, 
Little breezes play, 
In fields where lovers lay. 
And souls like vapors ascend, 
On the gathering of the winds; 
And the glory of the grass, 
Long faded since the spring; 
Is but a fleeting memory… 
In the whisper of angel's wings 
Copyright October 11, 1998 JGO/Spanky Mongo