When someone mentions "Civil War Prison Camp" you immediately think Andersonville....because that's what government schooling and northern historians have trained you to think that. 
The Chief Surgeon of Camp Elmira NY was overheard to boast, before resigning to avoid court martial, he had killed more rebels than any Union soldier. Even more cruel conditions existed in the prison at Camp Douglas in Chicago. 
There were 3,866 more Confederate soldiers who died in Union prisons than Union soldiers in Confederate prisons. 
The South was unable to feed it’s own Army; the North had abundant supplies and simply allowed Southern POWs to starve. 
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                           CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WERE PATRIOTS 
Next time someone calls your Confederate Ancestors traitors you may ask them to contemplate… 
That many Southerners; most of whom never owned any slaves saw self-righteous New England Puritans as the Taliban, radical religious fanatics of their time. It was the Yankee intention to force its will and ideology on the people of the South, an idea independent Southerners fiercely rejected. 
The overwhelming majority of New Englanders had NO problem with slavery; in fact slavery began in the New England states and its citizens made fortunes from the slave trade and it continued to profit from slavery right up to and throughout the war. 
Like todays Taliban, New England Yankees were prepared to kill every man, woman and child in order to impose their philosophy and in the process rape, burn, loot and torture its way through the Southland. Northern media and the likes of General Sherman are documented as saying such and this government endorsed, scorched earth policy continued with near perfection after the war with the near extermination of the American Indians. 
That said, fast-forward 150 years and imagine a Taliban style regime now dominating the Congress having been elected by less than 40% of the popular vote and presently threatening to invade your homes and impose its will on your people. Considering today’s political climate, that’s not so far-fetched, it’s happened already and history often repeats itself. Would today’s population submit to that form of rule or would it rebel and form a new government, one having the consent of the people as stated by our Declaration of Independence? 
In this new scenario, should the Taliban win, all who oppose it would be called traitors…and guess who writes the history after that! Good becomes evil, right becomes wrong just like the War for Southern Independence. Deo Vindice! 
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                          MORE ON DEVIL SHERMAN AND HIS TROOPS

Sherman personally saw his men rape and murder unyielding slaves throughout the march and gave no order to stop... 
"General Howard, Freedmen's Bureau, estimated that 25% of African-Am lost their lives by the war. [But] Ransom/Sutch estimated that 1.6% of African-Am died as a direct result of the war. [based on the 3.5M blacks in the CSA, this would come to around 56,000 civilian (black) deaths. Howard's est. would be 875,000 d.]" 
In testimony given before Congress, Judge Sharkey described the devastating impact which the "armies of freedom" and the "great emancipator" had upon the black race: 
"I believe that there are now in my State very little over half the number of freedmen that were formerly slaves, certainly not more than two-thirds. They have died off. There is no telling the mortality that has prevailed among them; they have died off in immense numbers." Before the Joint House and Senate Committee of Fifteen, 39th Congress, in the spring of 1866, reprinted in Hans. I., Trefousse (ed.), Background for Radical Reconstruction, Little, Brown, & Co., Boston, 1970, pp. 27-29. 
Miss had 436,000 slaves in 1860, if Sharkey was right, that’s 130,000 Negro civilian deaths in Miss alone. 
J R Graham when looking at the issue of Negro civilian deaths came to 400,000 from death and starvation.