Sun keeps on burning 
As the earth revolves 
People keep on learning 
As time is dissolved 
Got to keep on living 
Stand for what is right 
And keep the candles burning 
In the dark of night 
War and violence is the news 
We hear it every day 
And even though we know it’s wrong 
It keeps coming our way 
Hate and prejudice is a sin  
That sweeps across our land 
It’s time we thought a little more 
Of our fellow man 
Our atmosphere is growing dim 
As nature rolls away 
And for our lowly selfishness 
We will have to pay 
We must find something good 
In each and every day 
And notice the fleeting moments 
Before they fade away 
A graceful silent pause 
In the glimmering light at dusk 
To know the smile, of a little child 
Is to feel the master’s touch 
There is a burning light  
That glows within my soul 
And the storms of life 
In the dark of night  
Cannot make it grow cold 
So many possibilities 
Where do we begin 
To turn the tide of destiny 
So righteousness can win 
Yesterday is an echo 
In the hallowed halls of time 
Tomorrow is an eternal light 
That forever shines 
Today is all we have to give 
God help us do it right 
And keep the candles burning 
In the dark of night 
Copyright 1970/2001 JGO/ Spanky Mongo