(May 7, 1970. Saturday) 
Utter confusion and frustration 
There is no release 
No temporary relief 
I have no belief 
For there is nothing left to belief in; 
Except the hopes of Heaven 
The doubts of Hell 
And the pondering as to which extreme 
Shall prevail 
I live not for life 
But that in death I shall be free 
And with these thoughts in mind 
I anticipate the age of doom 
Should it come, while I am young 
I’ll shed no tears of sorrow; 
For who can truly say 
There is a new tomorrow 
Smothered by the fires of hate 
Love alone in darkness waits 
While warped minds contemplate 
The earth’s evolving fate 
So be it exclaims the king 
Around the world his voice rings 
Penetrating the soul of man 
Until he no longer understands 
What meaningless words 
Can I express 
To console the restlessness 
Of youth in rebellion 
Against a world of lies 
Who cannot hear their desperate cries 
Who refuse to recognize 
That what they see before their eyes---- 
Is their offspring in disguise

Copyright 1970 JGO/ Spanky Mongo